The uniqueness of the Zeppelin – floating and flying

There are numerous ideas and concepts for the use of this unique airship. Apart from passenger flights the Zeppelin is successfully used for scientific missions all over the world. For diamond exploration in South Africa, projects with European institutes as well as cartographic tasks in European cities. The low vibration flight performance and the capability of moving very slowly or even hovering on one spot make the Zeppelin an ideal platform for such missions.

The pioneers of historic airship travel and, of course, people today see flying with a Zeppelin as an absolute highlight. What used to be the fastest means of transportation for intercontinental long distances is now pure pleasure.

A pleasure which more and more people share, not only on the routes over Lake Constance, but also on Zeppelin travel tours to German cities or European foreign countries. In fact, the tour over France and Holland to England is legendary, so are the city tours to Munich or Berlin.

Let´s look forward to interesting trips with the Zeppelin and to an exciting future of airship travel.

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